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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  October 5, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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visit and get started today. we will be back tomorrow night at 7:00. until then be lovers of freedom and anxious for the fray. tucker carlson is up next. his >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." remember when political debates were the highlight of the political year? like boxing matches, everyone would watch them. that doesn't happen anymore. the ratings for the last presidential debates were terrible. and there's a reason for that, they are boring.
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everything is scripted, you know what they are going to say before they say it. but if you keep watching the lower tier, the debates lower on the fight card, sometimes you see something interesting. it happens invariably by accident, but it reveals a lot about the country and the people trying to lead it. that just happened last month in virginia during a governors debate. terry mcauliffe, the governor of virginia, gravely damaged the state. he is a clear clinton operative, you may remember during his many brushes with the parent indictment. "the washington post" was always telling you he's about to get indicted, he never was. instead, he ran virginia into the ground, and he wants to hurt it even more and be reelected. as of last month, terry mcauliffe announced, it welled up within him and he told us that parents no longer have a say in their own children's education, the one that they pay for. instead, terry mcauliffe informed the state of virginia, the governor is in charge of education, period. >> i don't think that parents should be telling schools what we should teach them.
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i get really tired of everyone running down teachers. i love our teachers and what they have done through covid, these are real heroes who deserve our respect. >> tucker: he's a demagogue but ignore the second part of the sentence, i don't think parents have any right telling teachers what to teach, really? so parents don't have a right to control their own kids? do you have a right to tell the pediatrician what kind of medical treatment your kids get? no. this is the new rule, the government makes all key decisions about your children. it's not just true in virginia, it is orthodoxy throughout the entire democratic party. as of yesterday, this idea unprecedented in the history of america has the full backing of the biden administration. in other words, the federal government. and if you disagree with that, if you are one of the troglodytes who believe you have some say in what your children are taught in the school you pay for, the biden administration now views you as a domestic terrorist and they will compel you to shut up. the justice department has made that very, very clear.
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attorney general, merrick garland, the moderate soft-spoken one who turned out not to be mongrel at all but a crazy person and is now the attorney general? he issued a memorandum yesterday, and on the fbi to crack down on parents who complain about their school board. keep in mind, at this exact moment garland wrote that we learned that murders in the united states the advent of black lives matter have gone up 38%. thousands more dead people. this is the attorney general, our chief law enforcement officer. he did not issue a memo about that. he issued a memo about people committing wrong thing. garland, quote federal, state, and local law enforcement leaders, for addressing this disturbing trend. the disturbing trend being parents complaining. in the coming days, garland road, the department will announce a series of measures designed to address the rise in criminal conduct directed towards a school personnel. criminal conduct, what does that consist of? bombings? assaults?
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no, complaining. thank you now criminal to disagree with your kid's school. what if we learn from this? among other things we have learned the by administration no longer believes in the most basic precepts of liberal democracy, among them your freedom of speech should never be bridged, the government must convince you not compel you, almost always. and you, and not the government is in charge of your children. merrick garland did not give birth to your kids. they are yours, not his. but they don't acknowledge that anymore. so they are happy to use armed agents of the state to enforce their ideology, and they have to, because that ideology is deeply unpopular with most americans. now, why did the doj issue this letter? because they received a complaint from the national school boards association, huge donors, of course, the democratic party in the complaint cited citizens who were upset over the teachings of "critical race theory and masking of children," which is medically unnecessary. the group wrote to the biden administration and said some of
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the actions against the school board "could be the equivalent to a form of domestic terrorism and hate crimes." oh, so school administrators are now a protected group. if you disagree with them you're committing a hate crime, not voicing an opinion, which is constitutionally protected. no, it's an act of violence to disagree with them, let's get specific. according to national school boards association it is things like this, earlier this month a student in tennessee was mocked during a board meeting for advocating masks and schools after testifying to his grandmother, who was an educator, died because of covid-19. the association went on to say that the feds should use the patriot act created after 9/11, to the regret of most thinking people, and that postal inspectors should probe the "cyberbullying" school board members say they have faced. where does this leave us? it's simple, mocking someone who calls for medically unnecessary mask mandates is now domestic terrorism and a chief concern of the fbi.
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what you are not allowed to do going forward because it is a hate crime is point out that children and teens actually aren't dying from covid. they are dying from a lot of things but not from covid. take a look at this chart, we are going to put it on the screen and it tells you everything. it tells you a lot of kids are dying of a lot of different things. drowning, as always, is at the top of the list. car crashes too. but notice more kids are dying from suicide, in some cases directly related to these policies, than are dying from covid. so that is a national crisis. it is completely unaddressed by the department of justice or anyone else in our government. all that is addressed is the ideological clients, people disagreeing. for long time school boards have tried to shut up anyone who challenges their orthodoxy on covid or anything else. in may in virginia, the newly
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liberal kelly, virginia, the school board used mask mandates to silence a parent who claimed they were indoctrinating his child. >> i'm going to read an excerpt from a freshman honors english class, she is a -- just like her sister. [bleep] every dude on the course. it's time for lps to get their act in order. the curtains are pulled back and people can now see the deficient leadership in this county. my 5-year-old is being peddled transgender books in her library, teenagers are being served pornography under the guise of young adult reading. do something, be a leader because the citizens -- of this county deserve better and if you are not willing to do it. >> can you please cover your nose with your mouth. >> what the [bleep]? i'm vaccinated.
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give me my ten seconds back. >> you know the rules, thank you. >> tucker: it's unbelievable, so they cut his mic. you're violating covid law. they don't want to hear him hear that as a parent who's paying for the school whose 5-year-old is in the care of these lunatics. so they just cut his mic. now they up the ante. they can throw you in jail if you point out that what they are doing is hurting your children. by that standard, we are in trouble. a whole lot more conduct is about to become criminal in the eyes of the department of justice. remember all those parents from school board meetings this summer? merrick garland is going to investigate them too. >> in march my child had to watch a ted talk in english class, not about anything related to english, but rather oppression and acknowledging privilege. any parent with a pulse knows that this is wrong. why have public schools, so mired in extremist politics and a permissive culture that seems to celebrate the latest popular fads like gender fluidity. >> we oppose your efforts to impose critical race theory, an overtly racist doctrine that teaches our children to judge and categorize others based solely on the color of their skin.
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>> their job is to teach our kids math, science, biology, literature and that's it. not ideology. >> i believe like all of you that you have done a really bad job and maybe it's a good time to change something. maybe start right now. >> tucker: a lot of those, you may have noticed, were immigrant parents that moved here because our famously good education system, only to find out that's a lie. it is the worst. a lot of parents, the answer is going to be simple, pull away, leave, homeschool, start your own school. parents won't put up with us, their children are being hurt by it. on the other hand, you've got to ask yourself why let the lunatics take control of the system they didn't build? it's not theirs, they don't get to wreck it. maybe we should stay and fight and take back the schools which belong to us. they are ours, they don't belong to the teachers union or school boards, much less merrick garland, whoever that is. they belong to us, american citizens.
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the backdrop to all of this is the people you just saw are designated as criminals by the biden administration, the department of justice, so-called. at the very same time, actual criminality, actual violence and murders -- not metaphorical violence -- hate crimes, the real violence, people shooting themselves and dying, is rising faster than it has in american history. what is the biden administration doing about this? nothing. because a lot of these people are their voters, political allies. speaking political allies, the biden administration has no problem on their political allies terrorizing sitting u.s. senators in bathrooms. >> we knocked on doors for you to get you elected, and just how we got you elected we can get you out of office if you don't support what you promised us.
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>> -- human trafficking -- economies. [indistinct] i need you to stand by workers, lots of people who are like me >> tucker: it is not normal to harass someone in the ladies room, period. it's not acceptable. joe biden has no problem with that, he said that yesterday. but we used to have a big problem with it. this is the path to chaos and violence clearly. but again, the doj has no problem with that whatsoever. they have a problem with you, the person who pays taxes and sends their kid to public school. it's not a problem at all. the problem is you complaining about it. and if you do, the doj will target you like a domestic terrorist using the patriot act. yet if you come to this country illegally, like the woman you just saw taking the video in the ladies room and harassing the united states senator in the bathroom for not voting the way you think she should, you face no consequences at all. by the way, it is not just illegal aliens who get a pass on
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this stuff. actual crimes being ignored, yeah, it is, at scale. one example, prosecutors in chicago rejected charges against five men from a shootout and sent one to the hospital. but no big deal because prosecutors in chicago said they were "mutual competitors." gang members shooting each other are not really our concern. the guy died. last week, prosecutors in chicago announced they wouldn't pursue murder charges because a teenager who was stabbed to death was engaging in, they said, "mutual combat." again, totally fine. some kid gets stabbed to death, not a big deal. that is nothing like disagreeing with the school board. on some level it is not. gang members can shoot each other, they can stab children to death, but that is not the same as challenging joe biden's authority to indoctrinate your children. that is what they fear. being challenged on that. senator josh hawley asked someone about capitol hill
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today, here's part of it. >> is waiting to express one's view at a school board meeting harassment and intimidation? >> as the attorney general memoranda made quite clear, spirited debate is welcome, it's a hallmark of this country, it is something we all should engage in -- >> i don't think so. with all due respect, it didn't make it quite clear. it did not define those terms. nor did it define harassment and intimidation. >> tucker: that is the person, by the way, who actually runs the justice department and she's actually run by susan rice at the white house, who takes her direction from barack obama. just so you know how it actually works. senator josh hawley is the man you saw asking those questions, and we are happy to have him join us tonight. senator, thanks so much for coming on. this, if you take three steps back, appears to be a department of justice that is primarily concerned with ideological crimes and not actual violent crimes. >> you can imagine some things fbi agents could be doing like maybe going to the border where
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we have an unprecedented surge in crime, of illegal immigration, of drug smuggling but no, instead we are going to go after parents. can i just say, you know you've lost the argument when you're sending fbi agents to try to silence voting, taxpaying parents, trying to silence them. i can't think of an instance in american history where anything like this has happened before. it's another first for joe biden and it's a bad one. >> tucker: it is a bad one to take the federal police force and politicize it so thoroughly that there was no expectation of equal justice left in the country. i spent an hour today talking to general mike flynn, who got his life destroyed by the doj because they don't like his politics, but that is allowed to continue. what is left in the country, really? >> what we are seeing is any time this administration doesn't like opposition, doesn't like a political point of view, they try to silence it and they are
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willing to use federal law enforcement power to do it. but to use it against parents, things are getting really crazy when they are using it against parents of children with a lineup at a school board meeting, they want to express their concerns. they elect these people by the way. they elect the school board and now they can't even speak without being investigated? it is insane. >> tucker: that is such a good point, committees are elected officials. if you believe in democracy, which apparently nobody does, should be accountable to the people who elect them. you make a very smart -- thank you for pushing back on this. i think it's important and i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> ian prior, a former spokesman for the doj, he knows a lot about school boards and the grassroots protests underway against them. he joins us to assess this memorandum from the attorney general. thanks much for coming on. this basically puts normal parents, who are distressed by
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the propaganda their kids are subjected to, in the same category as terrorists. what effect does this have on families and parents who want to speak out? >> i can tell you the effect it has had in virginia where you showed clips earlier. i was a parent today, we were in court for removal of one of the school board members and it has a chilling effect. it's confusing when you look at the memo, what is harassing? is it a mean, snarky tweet? what is intimidation, going to speak at a school board meeting and raising your voice? what you are seeing from the department of justice is unprecedented. when i was there, they were going after ms-13, and now they are going after moms of 13-year-olds. >> tucker: at some point i would think people are being disobedient. i would hope, nonviolent resistance, those have disappeared from the lexicon now that the people who use those phrases are empowered. but how much can people take before they decide, i'm not going along with this? >> what i've seen from my perspective is they are going to
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keep fighting. they're going to keep fighting for their kids. we're talking about parents that feel trapped. on the one hand, they can't afford to go to private school, they may not have the time for homeschooling, so they go to the public school and we are going to keep fighting using our rights. >> tucker: i really hope enough people stay in the system to reform it. i really do, and i appreciate your pointing out that they feel trapped because a lot of people do. ian prior, good to see you. >> thanks. >> tucker: hunter biden doesn't feel trapped. he has reached a couple dead ends in his life but now he's back. he's an artist selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars. he's got a new art show on friday in hollywood. you will never guess who was in attendance. we will tell you next.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: we make the point a lot on this show because it's true, that the entire purpose of the democratic party's immigration policy is to change the population of the united
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states in a way that guarantees they win every election going forth. this is effectively electorate packing and it is an assault on democracy. every time we say it online the usual liars and dummies who imagine themselves to be the gatekeepers of our national conversation throw a fit, they become apoplectic and call us the usual names, boo-hoo. then after a few days, the most interesting part, they inevitably go back to bragging in public about how they are using immigration policy to change the population of the united states to change the elections going forward and it is unbelievable and then, they expect us not to notice. a columnist at "the washington post," ruben is probably the dumbest person ever to have a newspaper column, she does this a lot. she has no self awareness and did this the other day in print, hoping no one would notice, but we did. democratic hopes that demography would deliver texas have not been wrong but perhaps premature.
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the 2020 congressional races suggest that while the fight for hispanic votes remain competitive, the sprawling suburbs around major cities are increasingly moderate. oh, in other words, the great replacement plan is working. it's helping the democratic party, that is the whole point. thanks for telling us that, jenn rueben and let us know if it is racist to read your column out loud. so hunter biden, in contrast to a lot of other people in this country, is in a really good place right now. he has become a painter -- fingerpainting, apparently -- and he's been selling his works for hundreds of thousands of dollars to unnamed foreign buyers, because that is totally legitimate. people criticized him for this, what does he think? he doesn't care what you think. >> if i was going to choose something, to become an artist and subject yourself to that,
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that normal -- and the normal criticism of sharing your art to a wider audience -- you know, in my book, it is a pretty good thing to do. >> you seem to have good spirits about this crazed narrative around your painting. what is your response to the people who are coming after the prices of the work, or the collectors, what has been your response to that? >> other than [bleep] them? >> [laughs] >> tucker: honestly, it is kind of hard to blame hunter biden for this. if someone is going to pay you hundreds of thousands of dollars for your art, a hobby you just taken up like 20 minutes ago, would you take the money? of course, you would! 99% of people would. it's everyone else who is implicated in this. the people interviewing hunter biden and calling any criticism
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of his art career hyperventilating, it's all political, the people buying this crap entirely because it is the president's son and it's the entire media establishment pretending it is not happening. those are the villains on this story. hunter biden is just a man on the make getting what he can, and he's getting a lot. hundreds of rich people around california, including the mayor of the rapidly disintegrating city of los angeles, eric garcetti. he was there. why might that be? because he is a huge art fan? because hunter biden after 50 years of doing whatever he's been doing or running around smoking crack, spent that time becoming a great artist? no. he's just nominated him to be the american ambassador of india. he appears in hunter biden's laptop on a list of key contacts to grease the wheels of the chinese business partners. it's so repulsive, it's actually happening now. so third world. miranda devine has chronicled it like no one else and we are
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grateful to have her tonight. have you purchased one of these paintings? >> no, i haven't. they are really out of my price range. we are talking about up to $500,000 and they don't really strike me as being so good that i want them on my walls. maybe as a novelty item, i think a lot of people would be buying it because hunter biden is now becoming so notorious through his laptop, one of three that he has mislaid around the place. and you know, we can laugh at him and as you say, he doesn't care, he's untouchable now. his father is the president and whatever grift he's up to, it's really joe biden's grift, the president's grift, the white house's grift, so it's everyone's problem, particularly the democrats and anyone who goes to these hunter biden art shows. there is another one happening in new york in the fall later on. if they go, they are
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legitimizing what is really just a racket. >> tucker: the entire art world is a tax dodge and that is well well known to rich people. i'm not sure a lot of people understand that. but a lot of it is about tax avoidance, of course. but what about all the so-called art critics and newspaper reporters who, under any other circumstances, would be covering this with at least amusement or totally ignoring it. >> like everything that plays badly for joe biden, before the election when we published the stories on the laptop that were suppressed, and you have seen it ever since. anything that is negative about joe biden is covered up and excused and explained away and any bad optics are quickly mopped up. but i guess what the white house is good at. we know that hunter biden is under investigation for money laundering, among other problems, and we know that the art world is notorious for being a venue for money laundering, so it really takes a lot of
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chutzpah, the word of the biden administration is "shamelessness." it's shameless that the president isn't even pretending to distance himself from what is going on and continuing to hide behind the mirage of being a kindly, fatherly family man, when he's been in on this influence peddling enrichment program from the start. >> tucker: none of these people ever do anything useful. like you're getting off of drugs. good for you. why not study hvac repair, how to fix a diesel engine, or drywall? it's always some b.s., fake grift. i'm a lobbyist, i'm an artist. he can't do anything, these are useless people. has that occurred? >> it's not really hunter's fault.
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>> tucker: i agree. >> he was always brought up to be the bad man. >> tucker: you're totally right, i agree. i've never blamed him, i feel sorry for him. the people around him are awful. miranda devine, thank you for your reporting on this. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: things are so out of control in one major city that people are giving the finger to police right to their faces on video, and the police aren't allowed to do anything about it. we have the tape. and a u.s. attorney claims to change this in the birthplace of american democracy, philadelphia. you can go to right now and get the new book. amazon does not take a cut. feels good to say that. we will be right back. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: chicago, one of the greatest cities in this country, is falling apart. it's falling apart and it's really simple why. prosecutors backed by george soros have refused to enforce the law and have done that for quite a while. now, they are ignoring even homicides. fox's matt finn has that story for us tonight.
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>> lori lightfoot and kim foxx are publicly slamming each other after foxx did not press charges against five suspects arrested from a shoot out last friday that killed a person. three gang members shot into a family's home in daylight targeting opposing gang members. people in the house fired back, killing a person outside. the mayor says the suspects were shooting to kill. officers got to that scene and witnessed the shoot out, which was also caught on camera. five suspects were arrested, yet kim foxx, states attorney, released them all, initially explaining the shooters were mutual combatants who agreed to enter into a fight. mayor lightfoot publicly spoke out against the decision, saying she's getting calls from residents and officials and foxx has some explaining to do. foxx responded saying she is mortified the mayor spoke out about an active case and is basically calling the mayor a liar, saying there wasn't enough evidence to press charges, no weapons found. here is foxx and mayor lightfoot. >> statements made yesterday
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regarding this case that simply weren't true. >> how was it possible given what we've all seen on videotape with officers on the scene that not a single person has been charged? >> the mayor is meeting with the office and we will keep you updated on the outcome of this story. >> tucker: matt finn for us, thanks. watch the tape and you think, how do people like that wind up in charge of chicago, the third-largest city in america? you couldn't find dumber people if you initiated a nationwide search for them, truly. it turns out, kim foxx and the city of chicago were the focus of a documentary we made for "tucker carlson today." you can check out "chicago in crisis" streaming on and the answer is george soros did it, he helped elect kim foxx. but it is not just chicago he's trying to destroy, he also funded several other -- in that
10:39 pm
leads to exactly what you would expect. lawlessness, craziness, disintegration. this was the scene right out of the city hall in philadelphia this saturday, this weekend. watch. [shouting] [sirens] >> no! [tires screeching] [engines revving] >> tucker: that's the equity agenda right there. doesn't matter how liberal you are. take that clip and show it to your most liberal friend and ask, what is their reaction? that is the end of civilization that people spent hundreds of years building, and it's falling
10:40 pm
apart. the former u.s. attorney for the eastern district of philadelphia, now running for governor of philadelphia to fix moments like that of lawlessness. he joins us tonight. i appreciate you coming on tonight. look at that tape and it really feels like things have fallen completely apart. doing doughnuts around a police car with the doors open, what? >> it's hard to believe something like that could happen in an american city and even harder to believe that once it happens, the city leaders will do nothing about it. the state attorney general will do nothing about it. the governor will do nothing about it. but that is what happens when progressives are in charge. >> tucker: it is like a total collapse, not just like, there was more shoplifting at duane reade. they close walgreens, people were stealing lipstick. okay, that is bad. this is like nuts. what is the point of having a government if they tolerate
10:41 pm
this? >> it is nuts and one of the reasons i'm running for pennsylvania governor. i want to be a governor that stands up for the law-abiding citizens of pennsylvania. they deserve a voice too. they do not deserve chaos on their street, and right now, progressive leaders in pennsylvania and philadelphia have things completely backwards. they are ignoring law-abiding citizens and basically saying, criminals, anything goes. >> tucker: merrick garland famously instructed the fbi to treat parents who complain about their school boards as they would domestic terrorists. has the doj initiated any statements on this type of behavior that you are aware of? >> i don't think they have and neither has anyone in charge in pennsylvania. instead, they are concerned about things that don't affect people's lives. the philadelphia mayor is concerned about things like whether people are using paper bags or plastic bags for their groceries, while his city is deteriorating around him. so we need leaders in pennsylvania, conservative
10:42 pm
leaders, and we need a governor, conservative governor who is going to put a stop to this nonsense. >> tucker: i'm hardly a campaign consultant but i would just run an ad with that video. i am bill mcswain and i don't put up with this crap, no more. you don't need to know anything else about me. i'm not putting up with this crap. no more. and i bet you won't, if elected. >> it's true. the law-abiding citizens of pennsylvania deserve better and as you said earlier, this is all part of a coordinated progressive strategy. >> tucker: yeah, that is for sure, and funded by a number of people, but primarily by one man. appreciate your coming on tonight. godspeed in the race, we will be watching, of course. >> thanks, tucker, always great to be with you. >> tucker: thank you. we just showed you what the equity agenda actually looks like, people doing doughnuts around police cars, powerless police. refusing to do anything about what's going on in our cities, and that is driving people out of the democratic party. liberal people who look at that and say, i'm sorry, i may be
10:43 pm
liberal but that is freaking nuts, i'm not for that. one of the people who has reached that conclusion is andrew yang, pretty liberal guy, interesting guy, smart guy. we sat down with him for an hour on "tucker carlson today," comes out tomorrow, and we talked about his decision to leave the democratic party. why? here's part of it. >> we are never going to make progress if we are not willing to talk to each other, and that is what the forward party is going to be about. i ran for president as a democrat. i am now an independent. i will talk to anyone who wants to actually make our lives better and solve the problems getting worse around us. we do not have unlimited time. this country is not doing well. you are a parent, i am a parent, we have to make this government stronger for a next generation or we will have failed them. >> tucker: yeah, it's really simple. andrew yang, when he ran for governor he didn't win, but he got attacked for noting there were a lot of mentally ill
10:44 pm
homeless people attacking old ladies on the street. not allowed to say that. on capitol hill there was a hearing, a whistle-blower from facebook testified about the company's most protected secrets and how they are hurting your children. we will tell you, straight ahead. ♪ ♪ t t
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: ever noticed how when a whistle-blower comes forward to tell the truth about something or other, the truth is always pretty much what you always knew, or at least suspected? it is just confirming what is obvious? today, a whistle-blower from facebook testified that the company is fully aware that its products hurt children. here is part of she said. >> has facebook ever offered features that it knew had a negative effect on children and teens' mental health? >> facebook knows its amplification algorithms, things like engagement-based ranking on instagram can lead children from very innocuous topics like healthy recipes -- i think all of us could eat a little more healthy -- all the way from just something innocent like healthy recipes to anorexia-promoting
10:50 pm
content over a very short period of time. >> tucker: that is a whistle-blower from facebook, and she also revealed to us today, and this is creepy as hell, they view preteens as an "untapped market" even though facebook is fully aware of their product will cause long-term damage to many of these kids. >> kids who are bullied on instagram, the bullying follows them home, it follows them into their bedrooms. the last thing they see before they go to bed at night is someone being cruel to them. think about how that is going to impact their domestic relationships when they become 20-somethings or 30-somethings, to believe that the people who care about you are mean to you. >> tucker: a lot of questions here and the most obvious is, we do have congress, right? we do have laws. people are getting punished as terrorists for complaining about their school boards, why is facebook and google and twitter allowed to harm our kids? rachel, thanks for coming on.
10:51 pm
so now that this has been confirmed, we knew this, you have made this point many times, it's hurting kids worse than marlboro reds ever did, to be honest about it, and congress has done nothing. so how much longer can that continue? >> if it's up to congress, a lot longer. and facebook knows this, and this is what drives everybody crazy. like me watching this. facebook is spending millions of dollars a year to buy the rules that govern them. in 2020, the lobbying members showed that facebook and amazon spend more money lobbying congress than boeing, lockheed martin, and raytheon. that is the entirety of the defense industrial complex. facebook and amazon spent more money lobbying than they did. and they know this is how this game is played. in congress, how many times have they been beating their chest at hearings for years now and saying they are willing to take on big tech, but they have never once taken an actual up or down
10:52 pm
vote on the questions, so facebook knows this is just one more bad news cycle it has to wait out, take a few lumps at a hearing, a few strongly worded letters, and it can go on with its business. >> tucker: such a smart and frustrating answer because it is obviously right, and you know the topic well. the fact that we now know that facebook and google hurt young girls, inspire anorexia, self-harm, suicide, young girls who nancy pelosi, for example, says she lives to protect, where are all the feminist groups? seriously. >> that's a great question and it speaks to the fact that these large platforms are entirely ungovernable based on our legal structure. facebook's whole business model is to attract your child. by the way, these documents show that facebook wants to "leverage your child's playdate" for more interaction on the website. they want to take in your child early. and then, their entire business
10:53 pm
model is degrading content. to send them degrading content after more degrading content. that is their business model. facebook knows its platforms are used to sex traffic children and in fact, three mothers sued instagram and the supreme court of texas recently on this question, and facebook was able to successfully argue that it is not responsible. we know sex traffickers use our platform to prey on children but we are not responsible. and our legal system lets them do it. >> tucker: but we banned lawn darts. they are a threat. i appreciate once again all the efforts you have put into expose these companies for what they are which is a mess for our country. thank you. again tonight the countdown continues. who has been punished for the debacle of afghanistan? today, still only one person, lieutenant colonel stu scheller. of the united states marine corps. he has been in jail for criticizing his superiors. a major update on his case tonight and we will bring it to you after the break.
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>> tucker: we've covered a lot of deeply unjust stories on the show, but honestly nothing really compares to what happened to lieutenant colonel stu schaller of the united states marine corps. to date he is the only person aware of to be punishable did debacle in afghanistan sent to jail for the united states military for complaining about, to jail. i want to tell you hours ago he was released from the brig in north carolina where he was held for a week. still no charges filed against him. fox news has confirmed stu is at home tonight but he remains under a gag order and remain there marine court orders, theys are asking something simple, they wouldg like him to resign but to give up his commission instead of go to trial. what was his crime? there was no crime, his crime was telling the truth about what
11:00 pm
just happened in afghanistan. about the u.s. government leaving billions of military equipment behind in that country, a drone story and leaving american citizens behind, humiliating the united states. for that he went to jail. we will stay on the case. that it did for us tonight brand-new "tucker carlson tonight" so fox nation will see you at 8:00. have a great night. ♪ ♪ >> announcer: americans held hostage behind enemy lines: day 52. >> sean: welcome>> to "hannity." sadly, dave 52, the biden administration is not in a position to say as of yet how many americans remain trapped behind enemy lines, hostage to the taliban. they have no clue, they have no earthly idea. joe biden abandoned them. and by the way, the media mob, they just ignore the story as if it didn't happen. imagine if this happened when donald trump was president. zero c


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